“You have a potential as a human being that reflects the deep purpose and meaning of your life. The fulfillment of this potential is your destiny as a participant in the human experience. It is meant to be recognized, understood, and lived in the most practical way. It is not to escape from life but to live life all the way through.”
Barbara Cordts

The mission of Open Door is to provide a supportive atmosphere and the circumstances and direction that foster human development through personal transformation, the profound opening and integrating of awareness with all life experience, and the enthusiastic exploration of human consciousness. This is fostered by the practices and activities of a group of dedicated people.

This group is composed of students of our beloved teacher, Barbara Cordts. Barbara has a deep understanding of both the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions and is able to distill and weave together their essence into accessible teachings relevant to our current lives. Beyond this, she is committed to the exploration and development of alternate modes of knowing and in expanding the range and scope of human consciousness beyond the confines of traditionally accepted definitions. Her teaching is clear and direct. Barbara embodies the qualities of clarity, wisdom and compassion and is a living expression of the teachings, true and spontaneous.

Until her retirement from active teaching and travel in 2015, Barbara held semi-annual retreats in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Colorado, as well as weekend teaching workshops in several locations. Now she accepts questions and comments and posts written teachings on this website. Barbara enjoys working in dialogue with her students and her response to questions is very alive and dynamic. No two questions are ever answered the same way. Each student is met at his or her current level of understanding. The answers are always multilayered, with depths of meaning revealed as understanding deepens, and will often confound the intellect, demanding of the listener a more profound and intimate understanding. Because Barbara lives this awakening herself and can articulate it so well, the teachings she gives are extremely useful.